We are glad to welcome you to our EasySwap service. Before further use of the service, be sure to read this Agreement. We value the time of our users and have prepared the shortest and most accessible explanation.

1. General Provisions

1.1 This Agreement governs the e-currency exchange services provided by the platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Online Service").

1.2 Online Service means this website and its associated applications (mobile and other).

1.3. The Client (hereinafter referred to as the "User") is an individual or legal entity that uses the services of the Online Service.

1.4 The User and the Online Service are referred to as the Parties if they are mentioned in the context of cooperation.

1.5 The Parties understand and agree that the submitted Agreement in electronic form has equal legal weight with a written sample.

1.6 An Electronic Agreement is a public offer that is activated directly by the User by submitting an online application for execution by the Online Service.

1.7 The user, staying on the site"s online page or using the application, confirms his familiarization with this Agreement and acceptance of the described terms of cooperation.

1.8 All actions of the User on the Online Resource automatically mean his consent to his identification as a person. This includes providing documents and other data. Activities on the Online Resource include:

  • applying for an exchange;
  • interaction with the site support service;
  • login, management and other operations with a personal account;
  • currency transactions and any other activity within the Online Service.

1.9 The described condition is mandatory for all Users and applies to other products of the Online Service (mobile applications, etc.).

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 The subject of this Agreement are online services for the exchange of electronic funds in strict accordance with the rules of the Online Service. Services are explained by paragraph 4 of this Agreement. The procedure for the provision of services is determined by the internal rules of the Online Service.

2.2 The User has read and accepted the rules for the provision of services of the Online Service, and also undertakes to pay for them in accordance with the established rules.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1 The online money exchange service undertakes:

  • exchange electronic money, ensure interaction with electronic payment systems Qiwi, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Yandex.Money and others;
  • provide exchange services in strict accordance with the standards and rules described in this Agreement;
  • provide full technical and consulting support to the User in the course of his interaction with the Online Service;
  • ensure reliable storage of information on the User"s transactions, his personal data and other information related to the client, as well as provide it to the User upon his request;
  • take measures to preserve the confidentiality of the User"s data and exclude the transfer of data to third parties;
  • ensure the correct discount policy, if they are issued to the User;
  • carry out the accrual of money to the personal account of the User or a third party within 24 hours after filing a complaint in the cases provided for in clauses 3.2, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this Agreement;

3.2 Exceptions to the privacy policy are:

  • official request, decision of the judicial authority located at the physical address of the location of the Online Service;
  • request from law enforcement agencies and other regulatory authorities;
  • appeal of the administration of other payment systems that were involved in the transaction, in case of disputed operations of the User.

3.3 The online service undertakes to provide information only in the amount that is necessary to resolve the dispute.

3.4 Obligations of the User:

  • indicate only true, up-to-date data for conducting a transaction on the Online Service;
  • provide an unhindered procedure for identifying a person, if necessary for the Online Service;
  • indicate only the current e-mail for receiving notifications, mailing of the Online Service;
  • ensure a stable Internet connection for the period of activity in the Online Service;
  • comply with the terms of this Agreement;
  • timely (no later than 30 days) notify the technical support of the Online Service in cases of technical problems, unavailability of transactions and in other disputable situations (otherwise, after a 30-day period, the amount of the transaction becomes available to the Online Service);
  • understand and comply with the requirements of the law governing online money transfers;
  • exclude the use of bots to cheat traffic;
  • confirm the age of majority for the period of cooperation with the Online Service;
  • comply with the security rules of the personal account, measures to protect their data, notify the administration of the Online Service of any suspicious activity with the account;
  • not interfere with the identification procedure at the request of the administration.

3.5 The last paragraph includes providing only truthful information about your identity.

3.6 The online service has the right to:

  • suspend your activity to solve technical problems, update the site;
  • stop the execution of the User"s transaction at the request of regulatory authorities, other payment systems for the period of clarification of the disputable situation;
  • regulate the discount program for customers at their own discretion;
  • set the amount of the commission fee for operations;
  • in case of an exchange error, receive information from the User about the transaction through any means: e-mail, mobile communications, screenshots of the operation;
  • refuse to provide services to the User without a description of the reasons;
  • end communication with the User, whose behavior is questionable (rudeness towards technical support, non-thematic questions, deliberate concealment of information, insults to other participants, etc.);
  • block the execution of the transaction;
  • freeze all operations of the User, as well as his balance on the Online Service for up to 165 days for the conduct of proceedings;
  • block the User who violates the obligations described in this Agreement.

3.7 In case of suspected unlawful enrichment of the User"s personal balance at the expense of the Online Service or other exchange platforms, his account and current transaction requests are automatically suspended until the reasons are clarified.

3.8 The online service has the right to conduct an urgent identification of the person and request evidence of the origin of monetary assets from the User in cases of suspicion of illegal, dubious, fraudulent actions.

4. Services provided

4.1 The online service provides services for the exchange of bank funds, digital assets of other exchange platforms, cryptocurrencies.

4.2 The online service does not reserve the right to analyze the legality of the User"s funds used to complete the transaction.

5. Rules for the exchange of electronic assets

5.1 The transaction starts automatically from the moment the User"s funds are credited to the account of the Online Service. The created application is deactivated by the system after 20 minutes, if the amount of money has not been transferred by the User.

5.1.2 If the payment for the completed application is made in excess of the specified period (1.5 hours for cryptocurrency assets), the system processes the exchange at the current rate (when the User"s money was credited to the account of the Online Service).

5.2 The operation is completed at the moment the exchange amounts are credited to the user"s account.

5.3 The user cannot cancel, change an active transaction.

5.4 If the User has provided an amount for the exchange that differs from that specified in the application, the system has the right to suspend the transaction. After the User"s request, the Online Service will exchange the amount actually received at the exchange rate at the time of the application.

5.5 The exchange operation with incorrect, blocked details is automatically stopped. The amount of the User declared for the transaction is returned to the client"s account. A commission of the Online Service is charged, as well as a fine of 5% of the amount of the exchange.

5.6 Changes by the User of the conditions in the note to the transaction, payment from another account are regarded by the security system as suspicious and may be blocked. The return of assets is carried out after the user"s appeal with the deduction of the commission.

5.7 When dealing with Bitcoin assets, the transaction execution time may increase and range from 15 minutes to several days. The online service is not responsible for the consequences of the lengthy processing of the operation by the blockchain network.

6. Guarantees, liability of the Parties

6.1 The online service does not bear responsibility and consequences for knowingly mishandling the site by the User. Indication and transfer of assets to a non-existent, incorrect address is the User"s area of responsibility.

6.2 The online service is not responsible for the User"s misuse of equipment for accessing the Internet and communication with the site (personal computers, laptops, smartphones, routers and other devices on the client side).

6.3 The online service is not responsible for the actions of third-party payment aggregators, banking and other institutions that led to transaction errors.

6.4 The user must clearly understand the current tariffs, the profitability of the exchange and other points. The online service is not responsible for the consequences of an incorrect, subjective perception of the described rules by the user, which resulted in costs, losses.

6.5 The online service is not responsible for any problems of the User arising from errors and delays in operations.

6.6 The User undertakes to use personal or legally acquired assets to complete transactions on the Online Service.

6.7 The User agrees to indemnify for losses incurred by third parties who were involved in the operation.

6.8 The User understands and undertakes to comply with age restrictions for accessing the Online Service (at least 18 years old). Violation of the rule leads to account blocking and termination of interactions with the client.

6.9 The User undertakes to terminate any relationship with the Online Service if the law of his country has prohibited (prohibits) the storage and use of cryptocurrency assets or resources for their exchange.

6.10 The User guarantees the use of the Online Service only for lawful, transparent purposes. Any hint of fraudulent transactions will be regarded by the system as a refusal to comply with this Agreement.

6.11 The User takes full responsibility for the actions performed by him on the Online Resource and related applications.

6.12 The user is responsible for the tax policy and related costs that are imposed on the execution of online transactions.

6.13 The User guarantees that he will not encourage third parties in illegal and other activities prohibited by this Agreement or the law in his country, as part of cooperation with the Online Service.

6.14 The User confirms that he does not plan to use the Online Service to obtain personal information of other participants or other data to which he does not have access.

6.15 The User undertakes to use the site and applications of the Online exchange service only in the form in which it is presented by the service itself. Any changes to the original structure, code and design are considered a violation by the participant.

6.16 The User understands and undertakes not to use the resources of the Online Service to exchange, redistribute or pay for cryptocurrencies that are of illegal origin:

  • money laundering;
  • illegal gambling establishments;
  • terrorist activity, its support;
  • online fraud and other illegal activity.

6.17 As part of the activity on this Online Resource, only the cryptocurrency that was obtained in a legal way is allowed.

7. Changes to the described information in this Agreement

7.1 The Administration of the Online Service reserves the right to change, supplement or delete information from this Agreement at any time. All changes that have been made and differ from the original information become relevant at the time they are posted on the official page of the Online Service.

7.2 The user understands the described condition and agrees to it.

8. Unforeseen circumstances

8.1. The User and the Online Service may not fulfill, postpone the fulfillment of the obligations described in the Agreement for force majeure reasons:

  • natural disasters;
  • hostilities at the place of residence of the Parties;
  • fires;
  • terrorist attacks;
  • explosions;
  • civil unrest;
  • interruptions in power supply, providers or other networks;
  • hacker attacks and similar situations.

8.2 The described force majeure circumstances release the Parties from the obligations of this Agreement.

9. Mandatory and necessary details of the execution of exchange transactions

9.1 The user accepts the fact that for any attempt to exchange assets earned illegally, he will be punished in accordance with the laws of the country or territory in which he is located. Any funds of dubious origin are prohibited for use on this Online Service.

9.2 The Administration has the full right to transfer the facts of proven illegal operations to the relevant authorities or the management of other payment systems.

9.3 The condition for performing exchange transactions is the transfer of personal funds by the User to the account of the Online Service. The legality and legality of the origin of assets is proved by the User himself.

9.4 The online service is not responsible for the outcome of transactions performed by third parties at the request of the User. Only the client is responsible for the negative outcome of the exchange.

9.5 Clicking the "I agree with the exchange rules" button means full understanding and acceptance of all the conditions described in this Agreement.

9.6 The identification of the User"s identity takes place before each session of using the Online Service or its applications. The Client is obliged to go through this process and fulfill all its conditions described in paragraph 10 of this Agreement.

10. Identification of the identity of the user side

10.1 Identification is a mandatory procedure for using all the functions of the Online Service.

10.2 The Administration has every right to request the following information during the identification process:

  • Full name of the client;
  • citizenship;
  • passport data of the User in the required quantity (number, series, etc.);
  • date, place of birth;
  • contact details (address, including postal address, current phone number, e-mail address);
  • photo from the passport page;
  • photo of the User with a passport in his hands (one frame);
  • an image of a utility bill that contains the address of the User"s residence (used if the previously submitted documents do not contain information about the actual place of residence, identity registration).

10.3 The online service may request other data related to the verification of the User"s identity if the information provided is not sufficient for full identification.

10.4 The data obtained during identification by the Online Service is used only to verify the identity, determine the intentions of the User, identify potentially dangerous and unwanted transactions and other illegal activities.

10.5 The information obtained during the identification of the User"s identity is subject to the terms of the privacy policy in full.

10.6 The User agrees to keep records of information about himself by the Online Service. The database is kept throughout the entire period of activity associated with the User. Complete deletion of information occurs 5 years after the personal account is deleted from the Online Service.

10.7 The User agrees with the conduct of personal identification by the Online Service itself or by third parties selected by the resource.

10.8 The User monitors the relevance of information about his personality. If there have been changes (last name, place of residence, etc.), then the client notifies the administration about this or makes changes in his personal account himself.

10.9 If the Online Service considers that the User"s identity information is outdated, incomplete, erroneous, false, then it may block current transactions until the situation is clarified.

10.10 If it is impossible to establish contact with the User using the data left by him during registration or identification, the User is directly responsible for losses on his balance resulting from the blocking, suspension of his account.

10.11 User identification allows the use of a third party by the Online Service to verify identity.

10.12 The online service resorts to AML verification of the crypto wallet addresses used. If, after analysis, the system reveals the facts of the User"s connection with unwanted resources, the transaction operation will be suspended. These network resources include:

  • Darknet, Darknet Service, Darknet Marketplace and similar titles ;
  • Fraudulent Exchange;
  • IllegalService;
  • mixing service;
  • ransom;
  • scam;
  • Stolencoins.

10.13 The online service has the right to request identification of the User if his connection with the described sites is established or has a high degree of probability. The funds will be returned to the User"s account only after verification, minus a commission of 10%.