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Bonus program

Welcome to the EasySwap cryptocurrency exchange bonus program!


We value each of our clients and want to thank you for your feedback on the work of our service on bestchange monitoring. As a token of gratitude for your participation in evaluating our exchanger, we are ready to provide you with a bonus of up to 1 USD in EST tokens.


How to get a bonus:

  1. Create an exchange request in EasySwap;
  2. After a successfully created application, go to our service page in bestchange;
  3. Leave a review by filling out the form. Be sure to indicate your application number in the “Order number” field.

We are constantly working to improve our service, and your feedback is very important to us. We value your opinion and would like to give you a small bonus as a token of gratitude for your participation in assessing the quality of our work.


Join the EasySwap bonus program and receive additional EST tokens for rating our exchanger on bestchange!



EasySwap Team


EasyToken (EST) - Internal stablecoin of the service.

EasyToken (EST) is an internal reward token from the EasySwap service. The cost of one token is equal to (=) 1 dollar. This token is used to reward users for completing certain tasks, or can be purchased from an exchange operation. The asset can be used as a discount for exchanges, or you can exchange the asset for other banknotes, electronic payment systems, a bank card or cryptocurrency. Also, the token is identified as an internal stablecoin and is used in the API system to reserve cash flow.

 Regardless of how the token was charged, purchase or reward, EST is available for withdrawal in any direction of the service in the full balance of the account without restrictions, but according to the terms of the service in the specific direction.
 If the token is used in an application as an additional discount, then EST can be written off with the balance in the amount of 20% of the exchange amount per application. Example: You exchange 1000 dollars, you can write off 200 EST with the balance and add 800 dollars to the exchange.

Where and why is MEMO needed?

Memo, Destination Tag, note or comment to the payment – an additional option of the address in the details, mandatory to fill in. This label serves as the identifier of the client who transfers funds to the address of the service or any platform. Memo, Destination Tag, note or comment to the payment is used in those networks where it is provided by the mechanics of the network itself, such as Riple, Binance chain, Stellar, Toncoin and others. When transferring funds to personal wallets, the label is not required. But if you are asked to specify it, then it must be done. Otherwise, you will have to prove that it is really your translation, and not someone else's.

Why is this happening and what is it for? Large services can use one address for receiving and identifying customers by an additional universal number that is assigned to the customer by the service system when forming an invoice for payment (providing details). When transferring funds to an address and having registered a label, the data is transferred to the blockchain, information on crediting with a label is transmitted to the owner of the address. This label indicates that the transfer is yours and the transaction is being processed.

Benefits of EasySwap

The EasySwap electronic currency exchange service invites you to use the most secure methods of converting and transferring cryptocurrencies. Unlike many banking financial organizations, our service operates around the clock, transactions have no hidden fees, mutually beneficial rates, and the user support service is ready to help at any time of the day or night. What are we offering right now?

Wallet connection function.

For your convenience and reliability when conducting transactions, you need to register and connect the hardware wallet you use.


Monitoring of exchange rates

A separate section with an observer of exchange rates in the directions available on the service.


Referral program

best Affiliate program with the most favorable conditions. A two-level program and ready-made promotional materials right in your Personal Account.


Loyalty program

The benefit increases with each operation. Increase your cashback along with the amount of spent funds.



Fast API gateway for accepting payments on your site.


How to create an exchange request?

Consider the process of creating an application on the example of an exchange in the direction: Bitcoin (BTC) - Visa/MasterCard KZT.

Select the currency you want to exchange. Next, select the currency you want to receive;

You can also choose a blockchain network, we leave Bitcoin (BTC);

Enter the amount of BTC you want to exchange. The calculator will automatically show the amount you will receive according to the exchange rate of the service;

The service has limits on the amount at the time of data entry. Observe them;

Click "Start exchange", which will mean your agreement with the exchange rules. To do this, read them in advance;

Fill in the empty fields with the data necessary to complete the exchange;

Next, you are offered two ways to carry out the transfer. Choose the right one for you;

Follow the instructions and keep within the time;

Necessarily! After payment, you must click the "I paid" button;

Your application has been created;

The history of applications can be viewed in your personal account;

We are glad that you have used our EasySwap service.

What is account verification service for?

To ensure user safety, combat fraud based on cryptocurrencies or their digital fiat currency counterparts, and to comply with European regulations for financial institutions, we ask that you provide us with proof of your identity. After verification, additional options for using the EasySwap service will be available.

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a compact device for storing electronic currencies. Outwardly, it looks like a keychain with buttons and a USB connector for connecting to a PC.

The main task of hardware cryptocurrency wallets is to store the private encrypted key. Funds are sent through a PC connected to the network, but the keys themselves do not "leak" to the network. Such devices are reliably protected from hacking.

Manufacturers of such cryptocurrency wallets always offer several levels of protection at the same time. They usually include a PIN that needs to be set on first start. It is required to be entered when the user tries to open the wallet. After several unsuccessful attempts, the device will be blocked.

Also, to access the funds on the wallet, a seed phrase is required. This is the initial phrase that allows you to access your account in case the device is lost. A seed phrase consists of a set of unrelated words in a specific order. As a rule, these words are given when the device is connected to the PC for the first time. The user must remember (or rather write down) not only the words, but also their sequence. This method of protection is considered the best of all types, since it also provides the ability to gain access even if the device itself is lost.

Can I refuse to complete the transaction?

You can cancel the request before the funds have been transferred by you. In other cases, you need to contact our support team in the Contacts section.


My trade request has been deleted, what should I do?

Detailed information about the reason for deletion can be found in your EasySwap Dashboard. If the problem persists, please contact our 24/7 support team. You can do this via online chat or in the "Contact" section.

I entered the wrong details, what should I do?

In case of creating an application with incorrect details, your actions will depend on the status of the application:

  1. The application has been created, but you have not paid for it yet. In this case, you can simply close the application in the personal account or write to a support specialist.
  2. The application has been created and you have transferred the funds. In this case, it is necessary to report the error to the service specialists as soon as possible. Please note that if your application has already been completed, then the funds will not be returned.
I made a mistake with the transfer amount, what should I do?

If the service receives an amount that differs from that indicated in the application due to an error or other reasons, the service will complete the operation with recalculation, according to the funds received at the rate at the time the application was created.

How can I change the email associated with my account?
To change the mailbox of an email account, the user must contact EasySwap support. The user account mailbox can only be changed by writing a change request from the current mailbox.
How long are applications processed?

The EasySwap exchange service accepts applications for the conversion of electronic currencies around the clock. The average time it takes to process an application is 3 to 7 minutes.

Please note that the receipt of funds into your account may take a longer period, since the operation of the blockchain and many payment systems has its own characteristics.